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Depression Basket <3



I know the name sounds bad but hear me out: it's going to help big time. A Depression Basket is something I came up with a long time ago. It helps during my dark phases in life. Simply put, it's built to make your next depressive episode easier.

You can have it anywhere in the house, I choose to keep mine in my bedroom; that's my safe place. My honest advice is to put it where you know you will use it. If you put it in the back of the closet… you're probably going to forget about it, or just simply not have the energy to get up and crawl back there. 

They can be put in any kind of basket, bucket, rack, shelf, etc. I have a plastic shower caddy. You can decorate yours in any way that you would like.

The main things you are going to need in a basket are:


  • Hygiene products
  • A little thing of joy

-everything is color-coded if you wanna skip the rest ;)


I think most importantly this basket needs to have things that are custom to your needs, whatever they may be. And it's okay to not know exactly what those needs are. I'm just here to give advice based on my experience and the research I have done.

I know that for some people (including myself) hygiene can be especially difficult when your brain just won't stop. Or the opposite, it just won't start. You can't seem to get the motor function to get out of bed and brush your teeth. This is when mouthwash becomes your new best friend. Dry shampoo and a hair brush are also going to be a necessity. It might be too much work to wash your hair or even take a shower, but it’s best to not get matted hair.

Scented deodorant will also make you feel much better mentally and physically when you don't have the energy to take a shower.

Face wipes to get the dirt and grime off your face while leaving a fresh cooling feeling is something I can't even describe. It's like it wipes away the day. A blank canvas to start new.


I know when my depression starts sneaking up on me, I lose interest in finding happiness. That's why I like to keep a small rubber duck in my basket. Simply because I think they are the most absolute waste of plastic to ever exist. I got one at an arcade and I was like, “What am I going to do with this?” So I ended up putting it in the basket and never took it out. And now wherever I look at it, I don't feel as horrible as I did before. Honestly, even now when I think of one while writing this. I can't help but smile at the idea of a rubber duck. So simple. 


Self-care products are more than just nail polish and mud facials (not that those aren't important). Self-care for me is doing the things that I want and need to do. It's something like changing the sheets on my bed or doing my laundry. I also use coping skills as forms of self-care and vice versa. Examples of self-care I keep in my basket are: string (for bracelets), nail polish, cards (for games), lotion


Have some dry food and maybe a plastic water bottle. I keep pretzels with me basically at all times. I'm thoroughly convinced they are part of a food group most people missed. Try to think of something small to snack on that won't make too much of a mess. Preferably something nutritious, but it's okay if it's not.


The bottom line is; stay healthy, stay safe.